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Bristow Group Enters Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Services Business

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Sky-Futures and the Bristow Group Inc. recently announced that Sky-Futures has received an investment estimated north of $4 million. The leader in drone inspection data services company has given Bristow a direct and seamless entry point into the lucrative and fast-growing UAV services industry. In turn this partnership has also increased Bristow’s stock by including drone inspection services to their ever-growing portfolio. This investment has far ranging implication as it puts a Bristow representative right in the middle of Sky-Futures board and also mandates an exclusive partnership agreement giving Bristow access to all of Sky-Futures’s UAV/drone inspection operation expertise along with an inside look into their data capturing, analytics, and training capability technology.

CEO and Bristow Group President Jonathan Baliff is adamant that this new market landscape where the continued cost pressures and compel the companies to find new solutions, and that Bristow’s investment in Sky-Futures puts them at the frontline of providing innovative UAV solutions that help their mutual clients achieve maximal efficiencies in their everyday operations.

Baliff believes that this partnership is just one of many examples of how Bristow is taking the initiative and capitalizing on strategic growth opportunities and deviating from the norm while reinforcing their commitment to their core values and competencies. James Harrison the CEO and co-founder of Sky-Futures believes that the partnership between Sky-Futures and Bristow will allow the two companies to expand at a rapid pace to deliver drone based services on a global level and will allow them to be the dominant provider of UAV services in the oil and gas market. This advanced technology platform will power the transition to industrial data capture and analyses. With offices in London, Abu Dhabi, Kuala Lumpur, Aberdeen and Houston, Sky-Futures has operational bases in 16 countries and works in unison with over 30 major oil and gas companies man of which are also core clients of Bristow.

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