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Types of Federal Aviation Administration Operators

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) defines the rules governing all aviation activity in the United States. It uses regulatory codes known as FARs to certify operators based on what aircrafts they have and how they should be operated. Each FAR deals with a specific type of activity and many them are designed to regulate certification of pilots, schools, or aircrafts as well as operation of aircrafts. Once an aircraft or design is certified using a set of regulations, it is certified regardless of whether the regulations change in the future. For this reason, newer planes are often considered to be better because they are certified using newer versions of the FARs.

FAA Operators List

  • FAR 91  : This section contains regulations that define the operation of small non-commercial aircraft within the US. They regulate rules on conditions under which the aircraft can be operated, appropriate weather conditions, etc.
  • FAR 135  : This section contains regulations that define the operation of commercial aircrafts within the US. The rules are related to how many passengers can be on board. Turbojet engines with 1-30 seats. Non-transport category turbo propeller aircrafts with 10-19 seats. Transport category turbo props with 20-30 seats.
  • FAR 145  : This section deals with the rules a certified repair station must abide by. Companies wishing to become certified repair stations have to abide by specific rules related to maintenance, preventative maintenance or alterations listed in FAR 145.
  • FAR 121  : This section deals with the rules concerning operating requirements: Domestic, Flag, and Supplemental Operations.
  • FAR 129  : This section deals with the rules concerning a foreign carrier or operator using US aircrafts.

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