On Leased Aircraft and MROs

Just as automobile companies lease cars, aircraft companies lease commercial aircraft. There are over 10,000 leased aircraft throughout the world, with Asia being the most popular region in terms of leases. Since 2008, the number of leased aircraft has gone up more than 50%, especially in Asia. The number of re-deliveries has been steadily increasing, and so has the number of repairs that need to be completed.

For example, Singapore and Hong Kong have been major repair hubs and leasing centers for the Asian and Pacific region for the last few years. The MRO capabilities and the demand for parts to repair aircraft has grown immensely. But, other countries like Malaysia and Indonesia are also rapidly developing in the MRO sector, driving demand for replacement parts and aftermarket spares as well.

Leasing companies and repair stations have a close relationship. Leasing companies need to consider the entire life cycle of the aircraft because they oversee operations and repairs for the aircraft’s entire lifetime. The more frequent routine maintenance a leased aircraft has, the better. Leased aircraft also do not allow for modifications to ensure that the aircraft remains in pristine condition for its entire life cycle. All aircraft that are leased must still comply with EASA and/or FAA standards, even during a transition period. This means that all proper documentation on the aircraft itself and the repairs must be kept up-to-date. All leasing contracts must be shared with MROs to confirm that no illegal modifications are being made to an aircraft, and to confirm that all proper documentation is provided.

Despite the strict regulations governing aviation, the end of a lease remains the biggest challenge for operators. Most internal cabin parts will need to be replaced by the end of the lease, but these parts have long lead times and are sometimes very hard to find. Therefore, leasing companies usually require leasers to give an eighteen-month notice before the end of a lease.

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Aviation, for the sake of safety, is a strictly regulated industry. As a result, every stage of an aircraft’s life is subject to endless procedures and protocols, especially the overhaul process. Over time, aircraft engines will need to be overhauled. Parts will need to be replaced, and the biggest concern during this process is safety. It is also important to maintain the value of the aircraft and engine, and the only way to ensure this is to overhaul the engine using the original manufacturer’s, or OEM’s, approved parts.

It is most ideal to replace your engine parts with parts manufactured by the OEM. This will guarantee that the new parts are an exact replacement for the old ones. The OEM uses the same machinery that was used to make the original part in order to make the replacement, ensuring that the replacement part will fit best in the engine. Also, using parts from the OEM takes less time and is also much easier to install.

Other manufacturers may partner with the OEM, and the OEM will have to approve the parts made to fit the engine. These parts are considered reliable in their fit and function. There are also third-party manufacturers who can make replacement parts. The government sets standards in order to ensure these third-party manufactured components are safe to use on an aircraft. Despite these strict regulations, these parts aren’t always guaranteed to be the right fit or finish for the engine.

Though third-party manufacturers may claim their parts are safer and better than the parts made by the OEM, it cannot be guaranteed since they are not fully aware of the original make and fit of the part. The smallest deviations can prove disastrous. So, instead, you should try finding OEM parts and aftermarket spares with us at ASAP AM Spares. 

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What is an Aircraft Magneto and How Does It Work

Whether you’re driving a car or piloting a plane, to start the engine, all you really do is turn the ignition key or push the start button. That’s all it takes. But have you ever wondered how such a simple movement causes the spark plugs to fire and the engine to start? The answer is a magneto, a simple and highly reliable electrical generator.

Aircraft magnetos are engine driven electrical generators that use permanent magnets and coils to produce high voltages to fire the aircraft spark plugs. Because aviation runs on redundancy, in every aircraft piston engine, there are two independent ignition systems. There are two aircraft spark plugs per cylinder and a left and right aircraft magneto. The left and right magnetos each fire one plug per cylinder, allowing smoother and more complete combustion of the fuel mixture while still allowing for the redundant safety net in the event that one of the magnetos fail.

Magnetos, as you would expect by the name, generate a voltage with the help of magnets. Each magneto is equipped with a permanent magnet on a rotor that spins in close proximity to a high-output coil of wire with two windings. The first winding is made with heavy copper wire and the second with finer wire. As the magnet spins, a magnetic flux is generated and passed through the first winding, creating a magnetic flux linkage. The number of magnetic flux linkages is not constant and generates a voltage as the number changes. However, this is not enough to fire the spark plugs. The second winding creates a voltage that is about 100 times stronger when the breaker points connected to the first winding open, collapsing the magnetic field and prompting a large change in magnetic flux linkages. The change in magnetic flux linkages creates a voltage that is amplified to 20,000 volts and released to ignite the spark plug by the second winding.

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In 2013 Boeing Aircraft and Emirates made a record-breaking deal for 150 Boeing Aircraft worth $76 Billion sending shock waves through the aircraft industry. Recently, Emirates Airlines president Tim Clark stated that the deal is in jeopardy due to the continuing potential to rescind the Open Skies agreement signed in 1999 made between the U.S and UAE.

This revelation doesn’t only affect the Boeing Aircraft but the 300 GE9x Engine made by GE Aviation worth $16 Billion. U.S airlines including American, United, and Delta airlines claim the Emirates airline growth is fueled by government subsidies which are said to be near $50 Billion. Emirates President, in retaliation to these accusations, says. “but half of them were in chapter 11 not too long ago, and some of them twice. If that wasn’t a subsidy, then I'll eat my hand”.

The clear animosity toward Emirates by American Airline companies is clear, the competition in the airline industry is fierce. Some experts have said that the threat of revoking Emirates deal with Boeing just will not happen. This is because the aircraft they ordered is the only aircraft on the market that fits their needs. There is no other aircraft that can replace the 777x due to how Emirates operates. This is because Emirates worked along with Boeing to create the 777x to fit their needs exactly. Additionally, The U.S government knows that Emirates buys many Boeing and other American aviation products and U.S airlines typically don’t operate in many places that Emirates does and therefore the open Skies Agreement seems to be safe clarifying the ramifications between the U.S and Emirates airlines spat. 

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General Electric’s GE Global Research center in Niskayuna, New York, was given a nine-million dollar, 4-year award from the United States Office of Naval Research. This award is for the development of accelerated processes in areas for developing identical digital models of legacy parts and the creation of new parts. This allows for improvement in maintenance and replacement programs in defense systems.  GE Aviation noted the replacement parts may possibly be applied to an extensive range of military systems, which includes United States Navy ships. In return, this will allow for technicians to develop and replace parts immediately.

According to GE Aviation, “Digital Twins” can be described as living and learning Digital models of tangible assets, parts, and even systems. These identical models are regularly given updates based off the gathering of new sensor data along with new engineering data. This newly collected data is incorporated to indicate the physical counterpart’s exact state consistently.

Experts and specialists from GE's Aviation and Additive divisions, Honeywell, the National Center for Defense Manufacturing and Machining, and more are partaking in the advancement of computerized twins from "display based" information on parts and in addition "sensor-based" information provided by 3D metal printers. This 2-stage program puts thoughtfulness regarding creating the required programming and equipment first for the computerized twin program. In this second stage, the center will move to making "3D Direct Metal Laser Melting frameworks," which will help the progressing exertion.

As indicated by Ade Makinde, the chief designer for Additive Technologies of General Electric's Global Research, the utilization of GE Aviation's Digital Twin Technology will permit to revive the time it takes for parts to be re-built or recently made utilizing forms with 3D printing. Makinde likewise takes note of that today, it can take a long time for new parts to be delivered. Be that as it may, with these ones of a kind computerized arrangements as of now being produced, this can be chopped down to weeks.

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Littelfuse Inc, a multinational electronics manufacturing company, just introduced a series of AEC-Q101 TVS Diode Arrays.These diodes are optimized to protect ultra-sensitive telecommunication ports against electrostatic discharge and lightning-induced surge events. A surge event could ruin the entire diode, an event that is clearly tragic. The SP4208 Series TVS Diode Arrays will integrate low capacitance diodes that will include avalanche breakdown diodes in a quantity of either one or two. The diodes are able to safely absorb a surge current of up to 30A with a minimum of 30K.

The diodes high surge capability and low loading capacity make it the perfect fit for protecting telecommunication ports. An example of these ports could be ethernet cables and several other high-speed data interfaces. The diode supports implementations of G. fast and can run at higher voltages than most diodes.

Littelfuse products are mostly components that are vital in virtually every market. Their target audience ranges from electrical energy to automobiles, consumer electronics, and industrial equipment. Littelfuse has a proven technical expertise in these industries which allows them to provide excellent solutions for the unique needs of each customer. Littelfuse has plans to expand into adjacent markets such as mining operations, marine applications, power distribution, and heavy-duty switches for electromechanical sensors.

Littelfuse has been a preferred manufacturer of diodes and other electronic components for many different manufacturers worldwide. The company has over 40 sales, engineering, and manufacturing facilities around the world. They also have global distribution channels so that their products can reach everyone. Littelfuse is changing the future of electronic components, one diode at a time.

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The AeroVue is the latest technology that will allow for standard planes to be equipped with cockpit control panels of those of a business jet. Originating in the year 2014 the product has begun to be intertwined with the Beechcraft King Air B200. The aircraft has been fortunate enough to have received the Supplemental Type Certificate (STC) which is granted to aircraft that have been modified and completed from its original state.

“Business jet technology and functionality” to the GA cockpit.”

Easing the operator's workload by creating more efficient and user-friendly controlling systems. The control panel has been integrated what is known as Honeywell’s SmartView synthetic vision, creating a visual representation of the outside area or terrain on a panel. This technique allows for operators to have the clear view onto what is around them minimizing errors.

The system has a unique composition including three 12-inch smart view displays all working together to bring the visual representation to the operator. The panels are equipped with “HUD like” system that displays exact direction for the aircraft. Currently weighing 125 pounds lighter than current flight panel controls systems. With AeroVue state of the art software, the system is deemed compatible with Aspen Avionics Connected Panel wireless gateway network allowing for wireless updates to be completed.

The AeroVue is a world renown flight control system company that has been providing Honeywell and its customers with state of the art systems such as Primus Epic and Primus Apex. The entire operation has been a new venture for all participating companies as a completely new way of flying will have to be learned by existing operators. More efficiency and more modern tools along with newer techniques will the result of the Bendix King AeroVue flight control system

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Airbus Helicopters just released their first H145/BK117D-2 Helicopter to Hiratagakuen, an Aviation operation company. There was a delivery ceremony held in AHJ Kobe Facility on January 5th for the public to watch the helicopter make its debut. This helicopter is intended to be used for emergency medical services. The H145/BK117D-2 will begin operations in Nagasaki in June 2018.

The delivery of this helicopter highly reinforces the relationship between Airbus Helicopters and Hiratagakuen. Airbus and Hiratagakuen signed the contract for two H145/BK117D-2 Helicopters at the 2016 Japan International Aerospace Exhibition. This helicopter will replace Japans current H135 helicopters, making this move a major upgrade. Airbus is honored that Hiratagakuen has become the first owner of the H145/BK117D-2 because they have shown constant confidence in Airbus products. Hiratagakuen plans to use these helicopter for Doctors, so safety is of utmost importance.

The Airbus H145 will be joining Airbus’ multi-purpose family which, has over 1,000 helicopters in service worldwide. These helicopters have a total of over four million logged flight hours. Improvements to this model include 4 axis autopilot, Helionix avionics suite, Safran Arriel 2E engines, shrouded tail rotor, an upgraded gearbox and an anti-torque system.

The H145 is extremely flexible and has a wide range of applications. It can accommodate up to ten passengers plus one or two piolets. The helicopters upgraded engine allows for premium performance. The new technology means improved flight and ground safety for the helicopter, as well as enhanced control efficient and reduced power demand while in flight. The H145 is considered a maintenance-friendly helicopter, meaning repair costs are few and far between. Hiratagakuen plans to use these helicopter for Doctors, so safety and reliability of these aircrafts are of utmost importance.

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Boeings F Model Chinooks are one of the most versatile heavy aircraft that world has ever seen. Having been distributed to customers across the globe, the Chinooks have created a name for themselves to be able to perform many kinds of tasks. On December 14th the Ministry of Defense, Netherlands signed an agreement with world recognizable Boeing for an updated model order of six newly upgraded F models. The Royal Netherlands Air Force for whom the aircrafts are intended for wish to integrate the 6 expected F model configuration to match their existing fleet. The Netherlands has chosen to continue with their business with Boeing to ensure premium equipment by a statement from DMOs project leader, Colonel Koen van Gogh,” The Netherlands’ Defense Material Organization (DMO) is responsible for providing the Dutch armed forces with the best equipment money can buy, and our troops deserve that.”

The Chinook upgrade is being optimized to enhance the aircraft's affordability, efficiency and its ability to execute even more tasks. Key components to the upgraded are a state of the art Digital Automatic Flight Control System bout to by Common Avionics Architecture System cockpits. With many different countries other than the US obtaining the Chinook they have many have wished to adopt the US style.

The aircraft's popularity over the years with an increased amount of orders. Within the last three years, the Chinook has been requested as a part of orders eight different times. NATO has also been a fan of Chinooks as eight nations within NATO such Greece, Italy, Spain, U.S, Turkey, Canada, Netherlands, and the United Kingdom.

Boeings VP of Boeings Cargo Helicopters, Chuck Dabundo, is very confident in their aircraft by stating,” There is no doubt the Chinook is the world’s premier heavy-lift helicopter with a long future will continue to serve our customers for decades to come.”

ASAP AM Spares is premium provider of Boeing Cargo Helicopters parts. Having a well composed relationship with Boeing, ASAP can provide Boeing parts in a timely fashion. AM Spares is able to provide the most innovative parts along with obsolete parts in the market. For a more detailed look at the products ASAP is able to provide visit www.asap-amspares.com. For instant RFQs call 1 702 919 1616 or email sales@asap-amspares.com

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DHL has been a leading shipping company for more over 30+ years across the globe. The type of shipments that have DHL Express creates has required a bigger and more efficient type of delivery source for worldwide shipments. In doing so they have obtained a converted an Airbus A330-300 Passenger to Freight (P2F) as a better way for international packages.

The conversion has been made possible by a joint venture between ST Aerospace and Airbus known as Elbe Flugazeugwerke (EFW) . DHL is awaiting a delivery of eight and has speculation of yet another ten aircrafts.

The aircrafts progression to becoming airborne has been a consistent process beginning with the testing flight dated in October (2017) and receiving the STC (Supplemental Type Certificate) from the European Aviation Safety Agency in November (2017).

The Size and efficiency has always been a priority for the DHL and has picked the right choice in doing so. Per A statement from DHL’s Express Global Air Fleet Management Senior Vice President, Mr. Geoff Kehr first aircraft is scheduled to strengthen our Asia Pacific air network, bringing added capacity and increased efficiency to a market where we are seeing dynamic express volume growth.”

The competition of this operation has been internally a group effort between the venture and EFW. All three companies have been in complete command of different operations needed to be where they are today. The EFW has been in charge of their marketing aspect of the freight conversion programme along with the completion of the industrialision phase.

Airbus manages the certification support and OEM details. Along with acting as lead for the engineering phase of the operation, ST Aerospace has overseen applying for important certifications such as STCs from the FAA & EASA. The aircraft will be offered in in two models with the A330-200P2F and the A330-300P2F model for more size along with more economical value.

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