Sj30i Engine

The Sj30i engine has finally been able to be adopted and completed to finally be placed on an aircraft.

An Original model for the Sino Swearingen-design (SJ30) was purchased by the Syberjet by the originators Emivest Aerospace Corp. The purchase was done due to bankruptcy that Emivest had to experience and the potential that it showed. Fortunately for SyberJet, Honeywell Inc noticed the capability that the SJ30 had and teamed up to create the SyberVision. The SyberVision is an original cockpit to be used with the SJ30i model. In later time, the partnership wishes to implement the Sybervision into the next versions of the SJ30 such as SJ030X model.

With the transactions with Emivest selling the assets it created a delay in development. The procurement of the new innovative jets came to a hault when General Electric was no longer agreeing to continue to maintain the pitch trim actuator featured with the Sj30i. The cease of production created a 24-month delay to the program that was started initially, forcing SyberJet to take it upon themselves to finish the production creating the (SJ30).

SyberJet later became a part of a subsidiary of MSC Aerospace along with Metalcraft and CBA. This alliance created the perfect opportunity to generate more cash revenue. Along with more cashflow they were able to create an additional two light business jet options of the original Sj30.

The program is set to set out the complete its “maiden flight” as of this year but Syberjet confirms that the deliveries to customers will begin in the year 2019.

The procurement of the newer business jets is still quite unsure and unstable. Per a JetnetIQ forecast released at the 2017 European Business Aviation Conference and Exhibition it read that the business sales of business jets would be decreasing for the following years.

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USA airforce

United States Air Force is the aerial warfare most recent subdivision of the United States Armed Forces as well as the largest and one of the most technologically developed air forces in the world.

Starting 31th July 2017, the brand new investment document discloses a possible strategy for the US Air Force to procure a light air support ability for special operations forces.

The light attack support for special operations was publicized on 28th July stating that the center’s Fighter Bomber Directorate had united together with United States Special Operations Command (SOCOM) to research light attack aircraft and associated technology individually for special operations forces.

In the beginning the process will be all about gathering data on “ emerging light attack platforms” and “platform-agnostic”. SOCOM’s intentions have been for a long time increasing their organic light attack capabilities, which at the moment contains fixed wing gunships, armed drones and specialized helicopters.

 The Combat’s Dragon II program point was to prove that a small, turboprop-powered warplane can be successful in “high end/ special aviation” missions. Following up this experiment, the OA-X light attack craft experiment is starting on 31th July. US Air Forces stated that OA-X has no procurement dollars invested.  

“This is a great example of it’s not a procurement – it’s an experiment so we can learn something,” Wilson says.

“But the time between when the chief of staff said, ‘let’s try this,’ and when the aircraft were delivered for testing was five months. That’s the kind of innovation in a lot of different areas that we want to see. That doesn’t mean that we necessarily move forward with procurement with everything that we try that on, but it’s a new way of looking of looking at what the advancements are and thinking about them.”

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Kaman Aerospace

Founded in 1945 by Charles Kaman, Kaman Aerospace Corporation is an American aerospace company based in Bloomfield, Connecticut. Charles started the company in the garage of his mother’s home in Connecticut with $2000 investment start from two friends. Nowadays, Kaman Corporation is a worldwide leader in the aviation industry worth over a billion dollars. On the other hand, Lectern Aviation Supplies Co is based in Hong Kong, it specializes in the sales of aircraft and spare parts, servicing the international market. On August 1st 2017 Kaman Corporation made announcement about launching of customer Lectern Aviation Supplies Co. has formally acquired the first two production K-MAX aircrafts. Guangdong Juxiang General Aviation Co. Ltd, in China is the destination point and the main purpose for operating the aircraft will be firefighting.

Karman stopped production first time in 2003 after building 37 single-engine, intermenshing-rotor K-MAX helicopters. The commercial market owns 22 helicopters for firefighting and infrastructure construction projects such as installing powerlines.

Charles H. Kaman, received his Federal Aviation Administration certification in 1994 and the development of the K-MAX was led by him. K-MAX is a tough low-maintenance aircraft with a single engine and a single seat. The aircraft can lift up to 6,000 pounds due to engine powered by Honeywell T53. its counter-rotating rotor system was manufactured by Mint Turbines. K-MAX is optimized for external load operations and created precisely for vertical refence flights. Customers from China, Europe and North America have been ordering K-MAX aircraft since the re-opening production line. The worldwide main purpose for using this aircraft is logging, firefighting and other missions requiring repetitive aerial lift capabilities.

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Easy jet

Based in n Blagnac, France, a suburb of Toulouse, Airbus is an international innovator in aerospace industry. The company produces the world’s largest passenger airliner, the A380, as well as the first commercially viable digital fly-by-wire airliner. Moreover, EasyJet is a low-cost European airline based at London Luton Airport. It operates internationally with a large diversity of 820 routes in more than 30 countries. Gaël Méheust, CFM international CEO ,Carolyn McCall, easyJet CEO, Tom Enders, Airbus CEO, and other senior executives participated at a ceremony in Toulouse honoring the event in which Airbus has delivered easyJet’s first A320neo. As a further matter, A320neo is also the airline’s 300th A320 Family aircraft.

A320 has the capacity of 100 to 240 passengers and is one aircraft in for sizes (A318, A319, A320 and A321. The “New Engine Option” (NEO) and improved aerodynamics is the reason for being distinctive in the aerospace industry. A significant noise reduction and fuel consumption is made by the so-called “Geared Turbofan” technology. Geared Turbofan is more efficient because the fan and the compressor-turbine assembly spin at different angular velocities. The first A320 Family delivery was made in 2003 and since then EasyJet developed its path in operating the Europe’s largest A320 Family fleet. In addition, EasyJet is also Europe’s largest customer for the NEO.

The aircraft is powered by the CFM International LEAP which is a high-bypass turbofan engine. It is designed with 186 seats layout. To pinpoint the NEO fleet, the aircraft placed a specially designed NEO logo on the fuselage.

An order of 186 seats to the larger capacity A321neo with 235 seats was placed on May 20017 by EasyJet for the growth at limited space airports.

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HenKel Textron Aviation

Germany-based Henkel has secured a deal from Textron Aviation Inc. to provide its new surfacing film to help guard aircraft composite components against lightning strikes. It is to be used in the manufacturing of various Textron turboprop and business jets. The Henkel’s new Loctite EA 9845 LC Aero surfacing film is a thin epoxy that is applied to an aircraft's exterior to protect the composites. It is also used to fill voids and pin holes. The adhesive film produces a smooth surface that can be easily painted. It is also 30% lighter than other surfacing film and resistant to ultraviolet (UV) waves and paint strippers. Which reduces finishing costs and the time required for masking.

Henkel corporate vice-president Charles Evans stated;

“At Henkel, we are most grateful for the opportunity to extend our relationship with Textron Aviation through the development of this new surfacing film. It's the latest advanced technology to emerge from our research and development efforts, allowing us to help specific industries meet the challenges they face as they innovate with new materials and processes. We expect our one-step film soon to become the standard for composite surface finishing.”

The company also acclaimed that currently aircraft manufacturers are using a two-step process to keep their planes safe from lightning strikes. However, Henkel’s new Loctite EA 9845 LC Aero removes the two-step process, eliminates waste from scrap mesh and reduces production time.

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Israel Boosts its Loitering Munitions Program

The Orbiter 1K is an unmanned aerial vehicle designed by Aeronautics to be an expendable platform in reconnaissance or payload delivery. The unit is launched by catapult and has an average flying time of three hours. Depending on the nature of the mission, the drone will fly itself into its target with a 2-kilogram explosive, or take video surveillance with an Electro-Optical/Infrared camera. The UAV can be recovered with an automatic parachute when the opportunity presents itself; but it is also expendable for those critical times where every second counts. Israeli military is said to have ordered hundreds of the units in a contract with Aeronautics Defense Systems.

Loitering munitions is a relatively new term in the defense industry, blurring the line between drone and missile. The first instance was the Israel Aerospace Industries Harpy, used to target ground based radar installations or missile batteries. It became known as a “suicide drone” and utilized like a modernized mortar—delivering lethal payloads in a concentrated radius. Once armed and launched into the air the drone can “loiter” while the operator chooses their target. The Orbiter 1k can be equally as lethal, but with added utility can collect and transmit visual data during reconnaissance. If launched in “shoot and forget” mode, the drone will search out its target autonomously and even return to base if its target is not found.

What may be the most impressive piece of technology on the drone is its EO/IR sensor part types. Camera resolution is not disclosed but the drone likely has multiple sensors operating in the short wavelength infrared for night missions. The drone also must be able to distinguish point targets from a cluttered background and transmit the information back to the operator. With a payload radius of about two meters, accurate targeting is extremely important for this drone.

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san diego airport

In Airports communication is a huge factor in keeping things smooth and safe. They need to communicate when a plane is going to land, or when there is a vehicle on the landing strip, and when the plane is going to take off. If things are not communicated correctly people can lose their lives in a accident. Recently, San Diego International Airport adopted a new intelligent technology to communicate with each other with Samsung Gear smartwatches. These watches will give them access to streamline operations and increase the response and availability of information. Before this new technology was put into play, Samsung set up a training to get employees more knowledgeable of how the device can be used.

The TCS’s Spark Compass that is emplaced in the watches provides location tracking and communication between multiple airport staff that are wearing it. With the watch issues like the freezing of display screens, an alert goes to all airport staff wearing the watch to get someone there as quick as possible. The closest IT guy gets a notification and will then accept the task, which lets everyone know that it is being taken care of. Also, it has a feature to inform others that the task has been completed and then tracked to a workflow tracking system. San Diego Airport will be the first to use this system, they hope all goes well so every airport can begin to use this system.

Samsung feels like these watches are great for this industry because they are water proof and scratch resistant. Another thing that they believe will be a great help is that you don’t need to pair it to a specific phone like others and just with one glance at your risk you can receive and process all the information. These watches are equipped with the best defense-grade in the market that will improve security and productivity. Not only are these smart watches being used by employees but also people traveling because this gives them real time gate information and alerts when bags are on the carousel.

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rolls royce jet engine

Aseman and Rolls-Royce have negotiated a deal where Aseman will purchase four new Tay-650 engines along with future access to spare parts. This purchase is significant because of the recent sanctions lifted against Iran’s aviation industry.

For decades Iran was denied access to spare parts due to US sanctions, leaving hundreds of aircraft in dire need of maintenance. Sanctions were lifted on January 16th 2016 in exchange for a limit on Iran’s nuclear programs. Since then, Iran has been emerging as a vast market for aviation parts. Aseman’s jet engine purchase is most likely a much-needed replacement for aging Fokker 100 aircraft.

The Tay-650 is an older iteration of the Tay series engines by Rolls-Royce. It was developed for the Fokker 100 aircraft—a medium sized passenger plane first put into service in 1986. Currently there are a total of 116 Fokker 100 aircraft remaining in service, with the majority in Australia and Iran.

As a result of the Tay-650 engines being manufactured by Rolls-Royce, there is less than 10% of components tied to US manufacturing. This allowed Iran to negotiate the deal without an Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) license. Iran has applied for OFAC licenses to sell components that are greater than 10% in US manufacturing content.

Iran’s aviation industry will be exciting to follow in the coming years. With sanctions lifted the industry is expected to be worth billions to overseas suppliers. The Post-Sanctions Commercial Aviation Congress calls it a “once in a generation emerging market.” It certainly is looking that way, as Iran has already closed a deal financing 77 new aircraft. There is even speculation that Iran will soon look to purchase brand new Airbus, Boeing, and ATR aircraft's.

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darren edwards

Darren Edwards has been named Boeing Defense Australia’s (BDA) new Vice President and Managing Director. BDA is Boeing’s largest subsidiary outside of the United States, with 2000 employees at fourteen sites throughout Australia. Edwards will replace Ken Shaw, who has moved to VP of supply chain for Boeing Global services Company.

This marks Edward’s second tour with BDA, where he left as Chief Operating Officer to an extended vacation sailing the Southwest Pacific and East Coast of Australia. Edwards spent a year and a half at sea with his family on their yacht, delivering medical and school supplies to remote islands after Cyclone Pam.

Edwards has previously worked for Boeing, with over a decade of employment in Australia and the US. His Boeing career began in Australia, in a procurement and logistics role. After moving to the US for a director position in supplier management and procurement, Edwards climbed his way to director of supply chain management in just five years. He then returned to Australia and worked as the Chief Operating Officer for BDA. There is no doubt that Edwards has been a loyal employee and is a valuable asset for the Boeing Global company.

“Darren’s inclusive leadership style and broad knowledge of Boeing and the Australian Defense Force will be a great asset as Boeing Defense Australia continues to accelerate its growth,” said Boeing Global Operation’s President, David Pitchforth.

“We are grateful to Ken Shaw for his dedicated service and outstanding leadership over the past 18 months … Ken has positioned Boeing Defense Australia strongly as it continues to execute programs for the ADF, and his efforts have reinforced its foundations for continued success.”

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us aviation industry

Flight Global talking about how there was a meeting with US President Donald Trump which encouraged the US aviation industry. During the meeting, there was talks of taxation, airport improvements, and air traffic control reform when several airline and airport executives met with US President Donald Trump. Although no major decisions were made final at the meeting, it seems as if the aviation industry was encouraged.

Here is what Nicholas Calio the president and chief executive of US airline trade association Airlines for America (A4A) said about this.

“We are grateful to president Trump for hosting this meeting and were encouraged by his in-depth understanding of our industry and the need to reform our air traffic control system.”

Delta chief executive Ed Bastian talks about the meeting they had with US President Donald Trump.

“We had a positive discussion about many of the major issues facing US travelers, airline employees and the aviation industry, which is a vital economic engine for America.”

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