In 2013 Boeing Aircraft and Emirates made a record-breaking deal for 150 Boeing Aircraft worth $76 Billion sending shock waves through the aircraft industry. Recently, Emirates Airlines president Tim Clark stated that the deal is in jeopardy due to the continuing potential to rescind the Open Skies agreement signed in 1999 made between the U.S and UAE.

This revelation doesn’t only affect the Boeing Aircraft but the 300 GE9x Engine made by GE Aviation worth $16 Billion. U.S airlines including American, United, and Delta airlines claim the Emirates airline growth is fueled by government subsidies which are said to be near $50 Billion. Emirates President, in retaliation to these accusations, says. “but half of them were in chapter 11 not too long ago, and some of them twice. If that wasn’t a subsidy, then I'll eat my hand”.

The clear animosity toward Emirates by American Airline companies is clear, the competition in the airline industry is fierce. Some experts have said that the threat of revoking Emirates deal with Boeing just will not happen. This is because the aircraft they ordered is the only aircraft on the market that fits their needs. There is no other aircraft that can replace the 777x due to how Emirates operates. This is because Emirates worked along with Boeing to create the 777x to fit their needs exactly. Additionally, The U.S government knows that Emirates buys many Boeing and other American aviation products and U.S airlines typically don’t operate in many places that Emirates does and therefore the open Skies Agreement seems to be safe clarifying the ramifications between the U.S and Emirates airlines spat. 

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Boeings F Model Chinooks are one of the most versatile heavy aircraft that world has ever seen. Having been distributed to customers across the globe, the Chinooks have created a name for themselves to be able to perform many kinds of tasks. On December 14th the Ministry of Defense, Netherlands signed an agreement with world recognizable Boeing for an updated model order of six newly upgraded F models. The Royal Netherlands Air Force for whom the aircrafts are intended for wish to integrate the 6 expected F model configuration to match their existing fleet. The Netherlands has chosen to continue with their business with Boeing to ensure premium equipment by a statement from DMOs project leader, Colonel Koen van Gogh,” The Netherlands’ Defense Material Organization (DMO) is responsible for providing the Dutch armed forces with the best equipment money can buy, and our troops deserve that.”

The Chinook upgrade is being optimized to enhance the aircraft's affordability, efficiency and its ability to execute even more tasks. Key components to the upgraded are a state of the art Digital Automatic Flight Control System bout to by Common Avionics Architecture System cockpits. With many different countries other than the US obtaining the Chinook they have many have wished to adopt the US style.

The aircraft's popularity over the years with an increased amount of orders. Within the last three years, the Chinook has been requested as a part of orders eight different times. NATO has also been a fan of Chinooks as eight nations within NATO such Greece, Italy, Spain, U.S, Turkey, Canada, Netherlands, and the United Kingdom.

Boeings VP of Boeings Cargo Helicopters, Chuck Dabundo, is very confident in their aircraft by stating,” There is no doubt the Chinook is the world’s premier heavy-lift helicopter with a long future will continue to serve our customers for decades to come.”

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Darren Edwards has been named Boeing Defense Australia’s (BDA) new Vice President and Managing Director. BDA is Boeing’s largest subsidiary outside of the United States, with 2000 employees at fourteen sites throughout Australia. Edwards will replace Ken Shaw, who has moved to VP of supply chain for Boeing Global services Company.

This marks Edward’s second tour with BDA, where he left as Chief Operating Officer to an extended vacation sailing the Southwest Pacific and East Coast of Australia. Edwards spent a year and a half at sea with his family on their yacht, delivering medical and school supplies to remote islands after Cyclone Pam. Edwards has previously worked for Boeing, with over a decade of employment in Australia and the US. His Boeing career began in Australia, in a procurement and logistics role. After moving to the US for a director position in supplier management and procurement, Edwards climbed his way to director of supply chain management in just five years. He then returned to Australia and worked as the Chief Operating Officer for BDA. There is no doubt that Edwards has been a loyal employee and is a valuable asset for the Boeing Global company.

“Darren’s inclusive leadership style and broad knowledge of Boeing and the Australian Defense Force will be a great asset as Boeing Defense Australia continues to accelerate its growth,” said Boeing Global Operation’s President, David Pitchforth.

“We are grateful to Ken Shaw for his dedicated service and outstanding leadership over the past 18 months.Ken has positioned Boeing Defense Australia strongly as it continues to execute programs for the ADF, and his efforts have reinforced its foundations for continued success.”

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The World's largest well-known aerospace company Boeing is known for manufacturing commercial jetliners, defense, space, and security cameras. They support over 150 countries around the world. They offer many products and systems that are considered for commercial and military aircraft. They have launched many systems and have advanced information and communication systems They have been around for a long time and they have been known as one of the top for a long time. They always seek to find ways to be one of the best and one of the best along companies. they have over 160,000 employees that all seek the same goal which is to keep Boing as one of the top for as long as they can.

They have been known for having the best jets and having the best quality airplanes and basically everything. To keep up with their great quality. To keep up with their great reputation they recently announced that they are going to do Digital Flight Deck and upgrading it to NATP Fleet. This is mainly to “improve mission readiness, decrease customer costs and reaffirm Boeing’s overall commitment to fleet” these new upgrades are a great addition. For example, they include fice nre full color glass displays. All these new digital capabilities will allow NATO to reduce flight crew size by atlease one. This will lead to a much more efficient way of saving money.

Wendy Atkinson program manager said

These improvements allow the removal of airspace restrictions, which saves NATO flight crews time and fuel and supplies operators with easier access to the information they need.

she also said

The modernization has also been installed on a U.S. Air Force AWACS, which is completing extensive flight tests and will deliver in 2017.

Also Vice president for the Boeing in Euros Brian mora, said that

The AWACS program is a vital asset for the NATO alliance and a best practice in transatlantic defense industrial cooperation.

This is all good news for Boeing and will help keep their legacy as being one of the top.

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