Littelfuse Inc, a multinational electronics manufacturing company, just introduced a series of AEC-Q101 TVS Diode Arrays.These diodes are optimized to protect ultra-sensitive telecommunication ports against electrostatic discharge and lightning-induced surge events. A surge event could ruin the entire diode, an event that is clearly tragic. The SP4208 Series TVS Diode Arrays will integrate low capacitance diodes that will include avalanche breakdown diodes in a quantity of either one or two. The diodes are able to safely absorb a surge current of up to 30A with a minimum of 30K.

The diodes high surge capability and low loading capacity make it the perfect fit for protecting telecommunication ports. An example of these ports could be ethernet cables and several other high-speed data interfaces. The diode supports implementations of G. fast and can run at higher voltages than most diodes.

Littelfuse products are mostly components that are vital in virtually every market. Their target audience ranges from electrical energy to automobiles, consumer electronics, and industrial equipment. Littelfuse has a proven technical expertise in these industries which allows them to provide excellent solutions for the unique needs of each customer. Littelfuse has plans to expand into adjacent markets such as mining operations, marine applications, power distribution, and heavy-duty switches for electromechanical sensors.

Littelfuse has been a preferred manufacturer of diodes and other electronic components for many different manufacturers worldwide. The company has over 40 sales, engineering, and manufacturing facilities around the world. They also have global distribution channels so that their products can reach everyone. Littelfuse is changing the future of electronic components, one diode at a time.

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Rolls Royce is one of the worlds renown engine company to date and continuous to produce quality products. The European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) has awarded Rolls Royce Trent 1000 TEN a “full flight “certification. With this certification if provides the right for the TEN to place on other aircrafts. Boeing had been very eager to incorporate the TEN into their aircrafts and had been successful multiple times. Boeing has been able to include the TEN into their 787-10 Dreamliner, along with the 787-8 and the 787-9 aircrafts.

Feeling very accomplished the company can assure that their products are allocated correctly and will please their customers.

Per a statement from Dave Taylor Trent 1000 Chief Engineer,

This marks another critical step in our journey towards delivering additional capability and new technology for the Boeing 787 Dreamliner. We would like to thank Boeing and EASA for their dedicated focus in helping us reach this goal and we look forward to the engine entering into service later this year.

Rolls Royce has two available options of their TEN model that are very similar which are the Trent 1000 and the Trent XWB. The Trent 1000 offers similar qualities such as the Trent XWB but has enhanced thrust and top efficiency. Along with many of the newly added traits it also reduces noise when placed in a Boeing 787 Dreamliner. One of the many precautious actions were to test the Trent 1000 TEN was used to power a a test flight across the US that took an approximate 18 hours across the US.

Rolls Royce has been in the industry for a long time and has built rapport with many of its customers to establish credibly.

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Germany-based Henkel has secured a deal from Textron Aviation Inc. to provide its new surfacing film to help guard aircraft composite components against lightning strikes. It is to be used in the manufacturing of various Textron turboprop and business jets. The Henkel’s new Loctite EA 9845 LC Aero surfacing film is a thin epoxy that is applied to an aircraft's exterior to protect the composites. It is also used to fill voids and pin holes. The adhesive film produces a smooth surface that can be easily painted. It is also 30% lighter than other surfacing film and resistant to ultraviolet (UV) waves and paint strippers. Which reduces finishing costs and the time required for masking.

Henkel corporate vice-president Charles Evans stated;

“At Henkel, we are most grateful for the opportunity to extend our relationship with Textron Aviation through the development of this new surfacing film. It's the latest advanced technology to emerge from our research and development efforts, allowing us to help specific industries meet the challenges they face as they innovate with new materials and processes. We expect our one-step film soon to become the standard for composite surface finishing.”

The company also acclaimed that currently aircraft manufacturers are using a two-step process to keep their planes safe from lightning strikes. However, Henkel’s new Loctite EA 9845 LC Aero removes the two-step process, eliminates waste from scrap mesh and reduces production time.

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In Airports communication is a huge factor in keeping things smooth and safe. They need to communicate when a plane is going to land, or when there is a vehicle on the landing strip, and when the plane is going to take off. If things are not communicated correctly people can lose their lives in a accident. Recently, San Diego International Airport adopted a new intelligent technology to communicate with each other with Samsung Gear smartwatches. These watches will give them access to streamline operations and increase the response and availability of information. Before this new technology was put into play, Samsung set up a training to get employees more knowledgeable of how the device can be used.

The TCS’s Spark Compass that is emplaced in the watches provides location tracking and communication between multiple airport staff that are wearing it. With the watch issues like the freezing of display screens, an alert goes to all airport staff wearing the watch to get someone there as quick as possible. The closest IT guy gets a notification and will then accept the task, which lets everyone know that it is being taken care of. Also, it has a feature to inform others that the task has been completed and then tracked to a workflow tracking system. San Diego Airport will be the first to use this system, they hope all goes well so every airport can begin to use this system.

Samsung feels like these watches are great for this industry because they are water proof and scratch resistant. Another thing that they believe will be a great help is that you don’t need to pair it to a specific phone like others and just with one glance at your risk you can receive and process all the information. These watches are equipped with the best defense-grade in the market that will improve security and productivity. Not only are these smart watches being used by employees but also people traveling because this gives them real time gate information and alerts when bags are on the carousel.

Here at ASAP AM Spares, we are always discovers faster ways to communicate with one another, one thing that we have put it to our system in instant messaging to avoid watching to someone’s office or sending an email to ask a question.

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Flight Global talking about how there was a meeting with US President Donald Trump which encouraged the US aviation industry. During the meeting, there was talks of taxation, airport improvements, and air traffic control reform when several airline and airport executives met with US President Donald Trump. Although no major decisions were made final at the meeting, it seems as if the aviation industry was encouraged.

Here is what Nicholas Calio the president and chief executive of US airline trade association Airlines for America (A4A) said about this.

“We are grateful to president Trump for hosting this meeting and were encouraged by his in-depth understanding of our industry and the need to reform our air traffic control system.”

Delta chief executive Ed Bastian talks about the meeting they had with US President Donald Trump.

“We had a positive discussion about many of the major issues facing US travelers, airline employees and the aviation industry, which is a vital economic engine for America.”

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As of October 2018, the U. Ks Royal fleet will have been replaced with an entirely new fleet. This new fleet will reoccupy the place of the Sikorsky Sea King Mk7s aircrafts that has been their primary aircrafts for quite some time. The United Kingdom’s Royal Navy has decided to replace their fleet with the Sikorsky Sea King Mk7s aircrafts following the retirement of the previous fleet scheduled in October 2018.

This project is said to have been due to an incoming $285 million USD that was recently received. There will be many providers to complete the requested tasks such as well-known companies such as Lockheed, Leonardo, and Thales. Lockheed has been appointed to “oversee” the entire replacement project. Leonardo has been assigned to adapt the airframes once installed. Thales will provide many other parts such as radars, sensors, computers, and consoles.

These new high tech Merlin Mk2s come loaded with innovative technology such as a radar dome on the side of the aircraft. Radars such as these have been placed for better overall surveillance providing a faster switch between “anti-submarine and airborne configurations.”

Merlin has been providing the UK Navy Aircrafts for decades commencing with the Merlin Mk1 naval version from the 1990s. Following with the replacement of the aircrafts, the Leonardo Merlin Mk2 was introduced in 2014 into their fleet. These air crafts have the availability to seat two pilots and 1 additional crew member. Like the Merlin series the Sikorsky Sea King is able to seat 3 members on board but has been said to be only be in need of 1 pilot and 2 cabin members. These aircrews will commence rigorous air training starting summer of 2019 from the 824 NAS at Culdrose near Helston, UK.

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Collier Research Corp. based out of Hampton, Virginia has been granted the prestige of being the first software company ever to gain access to NASA’s Advanced Composites Consortium (ACC). NASA’s Advanced Composites Consortium (ACC) is a collection of

“Aerospace experts focused on reducing composite aircraft development and certification time”

All the while maintaining the United States’ leadership in aviation parts manufacturing according to ACC officials. The ultimate aim of ACC is to maintain the American edge and leadership in aviation manufacturing by bringing better manufacturing practices along with improved composite material analysis and design. Formed by NASA originally in support of the Advanced Composites Project, it’s project goal was to reduce certification timelines and product development cycles by 30% for composite aircraft.

Collier Research’s contribution is the HyperSizer which performs design, stress analysis, and detailed sizing optimization for aircraft and space launch vehicles fabricated with composite or traditional metallic materials. The HyperSizer was the first software to be commercialized out of NASA and reduces the weight of structures by 20-40% which is a monumental achievement for aerostructures. No longer needing spreadsheets or hand calculations, HyperSizer automatically generates stress reports for FAA certifications and produce results more accurately and in a more timely manner providing HyperSizer customers a hyper-sized advantage over the competition.

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Local Tanzanian airline “Air Tanzania” finally unveils recent purchase of Boeing aircraft. Air Tanzanian has spent an approximate 224.6 million according to list prices for a Boeing 787-8 airplane. Much used airline is a honorary company for the Tanzanian country as it transports passengers to various domestic destinations. Air Tanzanian is based out of the Julius Nyerere Airport ni Dar es Salaam, Tanzanian. With ideas of the country expanding its Air lines fleet in hopes of becoming a well-known global airline.

In addition to the recent purchase would make Boeing order the second purchase within 2 years for cargo size aircrafts for the Tanzanian aircraft.  As Air Tanzania’s places orders for two Q400s turboprops and two Bombardier CS300 on early December of 2015.  Used to deliver the two Q400s with a 76-seat cabin configuration all economy cargo like aircraft.

Plans for their the agreement on the Boeing purchase is a part of a national project to generate more tourism as the airline becomes the center of long distance travel within the country. The country of Tanzanian is currently bringing in about an approximate 2 billion in revenue for tourism yearly.

The airlines purchase also used as a marketing project believes that these aircrafts will be the ticket to their expansion through their nation and economy.

“The 787 Dreamliner will be the flagship aircraft as we renew and grow the Air Tanzania fleet. We aim to establish our long-haul capability by starting flights to Europe, Asia and the United States over the coming years and the 787 is the perfect aircraft to achieve this ambition.”

Such order called for a meeting with Boeings African region sales and marketing director, Jim Deboo and The President of the United Republic of Tanzania, John Magufuli in December of 2016.

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The Sea Lion naval multi-role helicopter the NH90 took its first flight in this month as it was scheduled to take off from Airbus Helicopter in Donauwörth. The CEO of Airbus Helicopter, the Director in the Federal office of Bundeswehr Equipment and chief of the German Navy were very heart welcoming of this significant new checkpoint in their program. The German Navy has noticed how other countries have benefited from having the NH90 Sea Lion and they thought that this will be a great investment to add to their fleet.

The German Navy has also equipped the Sea Lion with sensors and navigation equipment which will allow to fly in civil air space. The German has also stated that by using an older model helicopter and modify it with the necessary equipment and technology will create all the necessary functionality of the helicopter. It also will reduce the lead time of the helicopter significantly.

The German Navy has stated that the Sea Lion which will also take on future roles in the fleet is going through a test phase and it will not be released until 2019. Testing can be time consuming and requires the cooperation of many people in departments. In the mean while the NH90 Sea Lion is being utilized by the navy personal and going through intense training to become fully capable of flying the helicopter. Once the helicopter is delivered in 2019 it will take on several rolls such as search and rescue, material transportation, Special Forces missions and maritime reconnaissance.

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Ilyushin Aviation Complex is finally on the verge of finishing their ultimate production for the Russian Air Force, the Il-112V aircraft.  This aircraft has been designed to transport and parachute down military personnel, weapons and equipment along with cargo packages.

Two prototypes have been made for testing of the Il-112V aircraft. The First Il-112V aircraft is going to be used for flight testing. The testing of the second aircraft will take place no later than July 1, 2017 and will be used specifically for structural and endurance performances.

A slight modification will be made to the second aircraft from the first prototype by having different fuselage that will be manufactured by the OJSC Voronezh Aircraft Production Association. The Second fuselage will be manufactured very similar by Ilyushin Aviation Complex company. These tests will make sure that the OJSC Il will for fill their production test bench systems and their units they are accountable for the units of the Il-112V aircraft.

A facility is in progress to be able to test the aircrafts of their agility. “This facility will be used for testing of aircraft control systems and control wheel steering, checking of avionics, evaluation of stability and controllability, fail-safe performance of control system.”

Meanwhile OJSC is in the process of making a special flight simulator, to test bench for a data collection system that is also known as the flap testing unit.

The Aircraft can auto land is equipped with the “minimum requirement being ICAO category II. Often not being equipped with having no radio equipment.

Ilyushin Aviation Complex is a joint stock Company that excels in the in the aviation industry. They have grown to be one of the “leading complex aircraft engineering enterprises in USSR and Russia.”

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