Littelfuse Creates New Class Of Diode

Posted on April 2, 2018 James Hinds aerospace news

Littelfuse Inc, a multinational electronics manufacturing company, just introduced a series of AEC-Q101 TVS Diode Arrays.These diodes are optimized to protect ultra-sensitive telecommunication ports against electrostatic discharge and lightning-induced surge events. A surge event could ruin the entire diode, an event that is clearly tragic. The SP4208 Series TVS Diode Arrays will integrate low capacitance diodes that will include avalanche breakdown diodes in a quantity of either one or two. The diodes are able to safely absorb a surge current of up to 30A with a minimum of 30K.

The diodes high surge capability and low loading capacity make it the perfect fit for protecting telecommunication ports. An example of these ports could be ethernet cables and several other high-speed data interfaces. The diode supports implementations of G. fast and can run at higher voltages than most diodes.

Littelfuse products are mostly components that are vital in virtually every market. Their target audience ranges from electrical energy to automobiles, consumer electronics, and industrial equipment. Littelfuse has a proven technical expertise in these industries which allows them to provide excellent solutions for the unique needs of each customer. Littelfuse has plans to expand into adjacent markets such as mining operations, marine applications, power distribution, and heavy-duty switches for electromechanical sensors.

Littelfuse has been a preferred manufacturer of diodes and other electronic components for many different manufacturers worldwide. The company has over 40 sales, engineering, and manufacturing facilities around the world. They also have global distribution channels so that their products can reach everyone. Littelfuse is changing the future of electronic components, one diode at a time.

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