Samsung Smartwatches Enhance Security and Safety of San Diego Airport

Posted on April 4, 2017 James Hinds aerospace news

In Airports communication is a huge factor in keeping things smooth and safe. They need to communicate when a plane is going to land, or when there is a vehicle on the landing strip, and when the plane is going to take off. If things are not communicated correctly people can lose their lives in a accident. Recently, San Diego International Airport adopted a new intelligent technology to communicate with each other with Samsung Gear smartwatches. These watches will give them access to streamline operations and increase the response and availability of information. Before this new technology was put into play, Samsung set up a training to get employees more knowledgeable of how the device can be used.

The TCS’s Spark Compass that is emplaced in the watches provides location tracking and communication between multiple airport staff that are wearing it. With the watch issues like the freezing of display screens, an alert goes to all airport staff wearing the watch to get someone there as quick as possible. The closest IT guy gets a notification and will then accept the task, which lets everyone know that it is being taken care of. Also, it has a feature to inform others that the task has been completed and then tracked to a workflow tracking system. San Diego Airport will be the first to use this system, they hope all goes well so every airport can begin to use this system.

Samsung feels like these watches are great for this industry because they are water proof and scratch resistant. Another thing that they believe will be a great help is that you don’t need to pair it to a specific phone like others and just with one glance at your risk you can receive and process all the information. These watches are equipped with the best defense-grade in the market that will improve security and productivity. Not only are these smart watches being used by employees but also people traveling because this gives them real time gate information and alerts when bags are on the carousel.

Here at ASAP AM Spares, we are always discovers faster ways to communicate with one another, one thing that we have put it to our system in instant messaging to avoid watching to someone’s office or sending an email to ask a question.

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