Founded in 1945 by Charles Kaman, Kaman Aerospace Corporation is an American aerospace company based in Bloomfield, Connecticut. Charles started the company in the garage of his mother’s home in Connecticut with $2000 investment start from two friends. Nowadays, Kaman Corporation is a worldwide leader in the aviation industry worth over a billion dollars. On the other hand, Lectern Aviation Supplies Co is based in Hong Kong, it specializes in the sales of aircraft and spare parts, servicing the international market. On August 1st 2017 Kaman Corporation made announcement about launching of customer Lectern Aviation Supplies Co. has formally acquired the first two production K-MAX aircrafts. Guangdong Juxiang General Aviation Co. Ltd, in China is the destination point and the main purpose for operating the aircraft will be firefighting.

Karman stopped production first time in 2003 after building 37 single-engine, intermenshing-rotor K-MAX helicopters. The commercial market owns 22 helicopters for firefighting and infrastructure construction projects such as installing powerlines.

Charles H. Kaman, received his Federal Aviation Administration certification in 1994 and the development of the K-MAX was led by him. K-MAX is a tough low-maintenance aircraft with a single engine and a single seat. The aircraft can lift up to 6,000 pounds due to engine powered by Honeywell T53. its counter-rotating rotor system was manufactured by Mint Turbines. K-MAX is optimized for external load operations and created precisely for vertical refence flights. Customers from China, Europe and North America have been ordering K-MAX aircraft since the re-opening production line. The worldwide main purpose for using this aircraft is logging, firefighting and other missions requiring repetitive aerial lift capabilities.

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United Airlines has concluded in their most recent review that the 767 is the only aircraft that does not have a “line of sigh” in terms of replacing it in the Chicago-based carrier’s fleet. Scott Kirby discussed in a recorded Q&A session with Denver employees viewed by FlightGlobal that the biggest question they have as a company is what will take the place of the 767s. Primarily operating 767-300ERs which have an estimated average age of 22 years along with 16 767-400ERs with an estimated average age of 16 years as shown by the Flight Fleets Analyzer, the 767s are a great and reliable aircraft but they are getting old and slightly outdated.

United Airlines plans to fly them a little longer but have already began discussing investing in extending the aircraft’s shelf-life and ultimately plan for the succession of what aircraft will replace it. Ron Baur, Vice-President of fleet at United initially suggested that the Boeing 787-9 ultimately replace the 767-300ER but the airline has instead used the 19 787-9s it purchased as growth rather than a direct replacement. Although the 787s could still ultimately replace the 767s, the higher capital costs for the 787 is seen as prohibitive to that plan. United executives have also reviewed the possibility of the Airbus A330neo as another option. President Scott Kirby says the airline is currently negotiating with Airbus and Boeing about the succession plans for the 767.

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There was an article on Avi Trader about how Sky Helicopters took delivery of two R44 Cadet Helicopters from Robinson Helicopter Company. Sky Helicopters is an FAA 141 flight school and a Robinson Helicopter dealer.

Sky Helicopters new R44 cadets will be outfitted with IFR training as both of the helicopters will be integrated with a glass cockpit. The helicopters will also have the Garmin G500H, GTN 750 navigator, and GTX 345 transponder to use. There will also be a sidetrack that for air conditioning and real time tracking.

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China Eastern Airlines continues to expand their long-haul fleet with a purchase of 15 787-9 Dreamliners from Boeing. The agreement was finalized earlier this year in April and will cost China Eastern close to $4 billion. This investment is part of China Eastern’s strategy to increase global trading. Increasing air traffic along existing routes between China, North America and Europe enables China Eastern to meet international competitiveness and increase profits. The 787-9 Dreamliners join the 777-300ER, another fuel efficient carrier designed by Boeing, as part of China Eastern’s fleet. Together, the two aircrafts are projected to open 100 new nonstop point-to-point routes which help increase their market presence. The fuel efficient carriers also have more capacity and cargo payload, which ensure more room for profitability.

The 787-9 Dreamliners

The 787-9 complements the existing 787 family, which includes some of the most efficient jets of their kind. The 787-9 stretches even farther than the previous design, the 787-8, by 20 feet which enables the jet to fly more passengers and cargo. Despite the difference in size, the 787-9 matches the 787-8 in environmental performance, using 20% less fuel and 20% fewer emissions than the jets they have replaced.

China Eastern Airlines ranks 7th in largest passenger carriers as it provides transportation to nearly 100 million passengers every year. It is also one of the three key airlines located in China, where the airline has its headquarters.

Customers around the world are following in China Eastern’s footsteps and are placing orders on more 787s. Close to 100 orders have already been placed by Chinese customers, which contribute to the total order of 1,100 of these jets thus far. This makes the 787s the top selling twin-aisle passenger and shipment carriers that Boeing has ever had.

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The Canadian Press released an article talking about how a Canadian Chinese man has pleaded guilty. Su Bin 50 years of age, pleaded to conspiring to hack the U.S. defense contractor’s computer information in order to steal data on military projects. U.S. defense contractors include but not limited to Boeing. Information about Su Bin pleaded was released by court records on Wednesday.

Bin is a permanent resident of Canada and a citizen of China. He is also a China-based businessman who specializes in the aerospace and aviation industry. He will be facing up to five years in federal prison when his sentence begins on July 13. In the beginning before reaching an agreement with prosecutors, he was facing up to thirty years.

Bin has being conspiring with two accomplices who together formed a team to conspire sending U.S. military data to China between the years of 2008 and 2014 according to the federal court in California. The U.S. Department of Justice said that the three had access to computer networks within the U.S. without authorization and stole not only military aircraft information, but also weapon systems information as well.

The three has access to flight test plans for one of the world’s most advanced multi role fighter aircraft, the F – 35. Bin would translate the documents he had acquired and translated them before sending them to China.

Su was arrested in the summer of 2014 in Richmond. He was then extradited to the U.S in February.

Su and his team specifically targeted fighter jets. These fighter jets include the F-22, F-35, and Boeing’s C-17 which is Boeing’s military cargo aircraft.

Although Su’s attorney, Robert Anello, declined to discuss information however he did mention that Su "hopeful to move on with his life."

Here’s what U.S. Attorney Eileen Decker has to say about Su’s case in terms of cybercrime. Su’s

"Guilty plea and conviction demonstrate that these criminals can be held accountable no matter where they are located in the world and that we are deeply committed to protecting our sensitive data in order to keep our nation safe."

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