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The First Two K-Max Helicopters Delivery Was Made by Kaman

Founded in 1945 by Charles Kaman, Kaman Aerospace Corporation is an American aerospace company based in Bloomfield, Connecticut. Charles started the company in the garage of his mother’s home in Connecticut with $2000 investment start from two friends. Nowadays, Kaman Corporation is a worldwide leader in the aviation industry worth over a billion dollars. On the other hand, Lectern Aviation Supplies Co is based in Hong Kong, it specializes in the sales of aircraft and spare parts, servicing the international market. On August 1st 2017 Kaman Corporation made announcement about launching of customer Lectern Aviation Supplies Co. has formally acquired the first two production K-MAX aircrafts. Guangdong Juxiang General Aviation Co. Ltd, in China is the destination point and the main purpose for operating the aircraft will be firefighting.

Karman stopped production first time in 2003 after building 37 single-engine, intermenshing-rotor K-MAX helicopters. The commercial market owns 22 helicopters for firefighting and infrastructure construction projects such as installing powerlines.

Charles H. Kaman, received his Federal Aviation Administration certification in 1994 and the development of the K-MAX was led by him. K-MAX is a tough low-maintenance aircraft with a single engine and a single seat. The aircraft can lift up to 6,000 pounds due to engine powered by Honeywell T53. its counter-rotating rotor system was manufactured by Mint Turbines. K-MAX is optimized for external load operations and created precisely for vertical refence flights. Customers from China, Europe and North America have been ordering K-MAX aircraft since the re-opening production line. The worldwide main purpose for using this aircraft is logging, firefighting and other missions requiring repetitive aerial lift capabilities.

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