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China Eastern Airlines Expands its 787 Family with 15 New Dreamliners

China Eastern Airlines continues to expand their long-haul fleet with a purchase of 15 787-9 Dreamliners from Boeing. The agreement was finalized earlier this year in April and will cost China Eastern close to $4 billion. This investment is part of China Eastern’s strategy to increase global trading. Increasing air traffic along existing routes between China, North America and Europe enables China Eastern to meet international competitiveness and increase profits. The 787-9 Dreamliners join the 777-300ER, another fuel efficient carrier designed by Boeing, as part of China Eastern’s fleet. Together, the two aircrafts are projected to open 100 new nonstop point-to-point routes which help increase their market presence. The fuel efficient carriers also have more capacity and cargo payload, which ensure more room for profitability.

The 787-9 Dreamliners

The 787-9 complements the existing 787 family, which includes some of the most efficient jets of their kind. The 787-9 stretches even farther than the previous design, the 787-8, by 20 feet which enables the jet to fly more passengers and cargo. Despite the difference in size, the 787-9 matches the 787-8 in environmental performance, using 20% less fuel and 20% fewer emissions than the jets they have replaced.

China Eastern Airlines ranks 7th in largest passenger carriers as it provides transportation to nearly 100 million passengers every year. It is also one of the three key airlines located in China, where the airline has its headquarters.

Customers around the world are following in China Eastern’s footsteps and are placing orders on more 787s. Close to 100 orders have already been placed by Chinese customers, which contribute to the total order of 1,100 of these jets thus far. This makes the 787s the top selling twin-aisle passenger and shipment carriers that Boeing has ever had.

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