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Collier Research Joins NASA’s Esteemed Advanced Composites Consortium (ACC)

Collier Research Corp. based out of Hampton, Virginia has been granted the prestige of being the first software company ever to gain access to NASA’s Advanced Composites Consortium (ACC). NASA’s Advanced Composites Consortium (ACC) is a collection of

“Aerospace experts focused on reducing composite aircraft development and certification time”

All the while maintaining the United States’ leadership in aviation parts manufacturing according to ACC officials. The ultimate aim of ACC is to maintain the American edge and leadership in aviation manufacturing by bringing better manufacturing practices along with improved composite material analysis and design. Formed by NASA originally in support of the Advanced Composites Project, it’s project goal was to reduce certification timelines and product development cycles by 30% for composite aircraft.

Collier Research’s contribution is the HyperSizer which performs design, stress analysis, and detailed sizing optimization for aircraft and space launch vehicles fabricated with composite or traditional metallic materials. The HyperSizer was the first software to be commercialized out of NASA and reduces the weight of structures by 20-40% which is a monumental achievement for aerostructures. No longer needing spreadsheets or hand calculations, HyperSizer automatically generates stress reports for FAA certifications and produce results more accurately and in a more timely manner providing HyperSizer customers a hyper-sized advantage over the competition.

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