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The Making of the First Il-112V is Brought Together by Ilyushin Aviation Complex

Ilyushin Aviation Complex is finally on the verge of finishing their ultimate production for the Russian Air Force, the Il-112V aircraft.  This aircraft has been designed to transport and parachute down military personnel, weapons and equipment along with cargo packages.

Two prototypes have been made for testing of the Il-112V aircraft. The First Il-112V aircraft is going to be used for flight testing. The testing of the second aircraft will take place no later than July 1, 2017 and will be used specifically for structural and endurance performances.

A slight modification will be made to the second aircraft from the first prototype by having different fuselage that will be manufactured by the OJSC Voronezh Aircraft Production Association. The Second fuselage will be manufactured very similar by Ilyushin Aviation Complex company. These tests will make sure that the OJSC Il will for fill their production test bench systems and their units they are accountable for the units of the Il-112V aircraft.

A facility is in progress to be able to test the aircrafts of their agility. “This facility will be used for testing of aircraft control systems and control wheel steering, checking of avionics, evaluation of stability and controllability, fail-safe performance of control system.”

Meanwhile OJSC is in the process of making a special flight simulator, to test bench for a data collection system that is also known as the flap testing unit.

The Aircraft can auto land is equipped with the “minimum requirement being ICAO category II. Often not being equipped with having no radio equipment.

Ilyushin Aviation Complex is a joint stock Company that excels in the in the aviation industry. They have grown to be one of the “leading complex aircraft engineering enterprises in USSR and Russia.”

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