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The First Flight for the NH90 Naval Helicopter

The Sea Lion naval multi-role helicopter the NH90 took its first flight in this month as it was scheduled to take off from Airbus Helicopter in Donauwörth. The CEO of Airbus Helicopter, the Director in the Federal office of Bundeswehr Equipment and chief of the German Navy were very heart welcoming of this significant new checkpoint in their program. The German Navy has noticed how other countries have benefited from having the NH90 Sea Lion and they thought that this will be a great investment to add to their fleet.

The German Navy has also equipped the Sea Lion with sensors and navigation equipment which will allow to fly in civil air space. The German has also stated that by using an older model helicopter and modify it with the necessary equipment and technology will create all the necessary functionality of the helicopter. It also will reduce the lead time of the helicopter significantly.

The German Navy has stated that the Sea Lion which will also take on future roles in the fleet is going through a test phase and it will not be released until 2019. Testing can be time consuming and requires the cooperation of many people in departments. In the mean while the NH90 Sea Lion is being utilized by the navy personal and going through intense training to become fully capable of flying the helicopter. Once the helicopter is delivered in 2019 it will take on several rolls such as search and rescue, material transportation, Special Forces missions and maritime reconnaissance.

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