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Boeing Defense Australia’s New Vice President and Managing Director

Darren Edwards has been named Boeing Defense Australia’s (BDA) new Vice President and Managing Director. BDA is Boeing’s largest subsidiary outside of the United States, with 2000 employees at fourteen sites throughout Australia. Edwards will replace Ken Shaw, who has moved to VP of supply chain for Boeing Global services Company.

This marks Edward’s second tour with BDA, where he left as Chief Operating Officer to an extended vacation sailing the Southwest Pacific and East Coast of Australia. Edwards spent a year and a half at sea with his family on their yacht, delivering medical and school supplies to remote islands after Cyclone Pam. Edwards has previously worked for Boeing, with over a decade of employment in Australia and the US. His Boeing career began in Australia, in a procurement and logistics role. After moving to the US for a director position in supplier management and procurement, Edwards climbed his way to director of supply chain management in just five years. He then returned to Australia and worked as the Chief Operating Officer for BDA. There is no doubt that Edwards has been a loyal employee and is a valuable asset for the Boeing Global company.

“Darren’s inclusive leadership style and broad knowledge of Boeing and the Australian Defense Force will be a great asset as Boeing Defense Australia continues to accelerate its growth,” said Boeing Global Operation’s President, David Pitchforth.

“We are grateful to Ken Shaw for his dedicated service and outstanding leadership over the past 18 months.Ken has positioned Boeing Defense Australia strongly as it continues to execute programs for the ADF, and his efforts have reinforced its foundations for continued success.”


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