Aircraft Engine OEM Approvals and Overhauls

Posted on January 17, 2019 James Hinds Aircraft

Aviation, for the sake of safety, is a strictly regulated industry. As a result, every stage of an aircraft’s life is subject to endless procedures and protocols, especially the overhaul process. Over time, aircraft engines will need to be overhauled. Parts will need to be replaced, and the biggest concern during this process is safety. It is also important to maintain the value of the aircraft and engine, and the only way to ensure this is to overhaul the engine using the original manufacturer’s, or OEM’s, approved parts.

It is most ideal to replace your engine parts with parts manufactured by the OEM. This will guarantee that the new parts are an exact replacement for the old ones. The OEM uses the same machinery that was used to make the original part in order to make the replacement, ensuring that the replacement part will fit best in the engine. Also, using parts from the OEM takes less time and is also much easier to install.

Other manufacturers may partner with the OEM, and the OEM will have to approve the parts made to fit the engine. These parts are considered reliable in their fit and function. There are also third-party manufacturers who can make replacement parts. The government sets standards in order to ensure these third-party manufactured components are safe to use on an aircraft. Despite these strict regulations, these parts aren’t always guaranteed to be the right fit or finish for the engine.

Though third-party manufacturers may claim their parts are safer and better than the parts made by the OEM, it cannot be guaranteed since they are not fully aware of the original make and fit of the part. The smallest deviations can prove disastrous. So, instead, you should try finding OEM parts and aftermarket spares with us at ASAP AM Spares

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