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Robinson’s New R44 to Provide Better Training

Robinson Helicopter’s new R44 Cadet will provide better training to student pilots without being too costly. The company’s R22 and R44 Raven helicopters have been the chopper of choice for most civilian flight trainers. True to their name, the 22 is a two-seater, and the 44 seat four. A balance of cost-effective training was hard to find between these two helicopters, considering the 44’s price tag and the 22’s lack of proper instrument training.

The solution to this is the R44 Cadet, which is like a watered down version of the R44 Raven. This newer model will have two seats (just like the 22), but offer enhanced comfort, performance, and flexibility that is comparable to the normal 44. The smoothness and handling will be on par with the It will also be significantly cheaper.

For example, the seats in the newer helicopter will be able to accommodate 300 pounds of weight, as opposed to the 240-pound limit in the R22. This will give the plus sized pilots a better opportunity to learn. There is also extra space for cargo where the back seats used to be.

“We wanted to have a helicopter with more weight capacity and performance than the R22,” said flight test engineer Dale Taft.

“We saw operators max out the R22’s gross weight.We also saw that an IFR panel added so much weight to the R22 that the helicopter would need to carry less fuel to fly a training flight. With the Cadet we can have the heavier IFR panel, additional radios, big pilots, and a reasonable fuel load, and still have the performance to operate at higher altitudes on warmer days. This gives schools in the desert and mountain locations the performance to get the job done.”

The only difference on the outside between the Cadet and the Raven is a rear tinted window that is slightly smaller.

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