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Russia Accepts More Variety for Future Large Military Transport Project

Stephen Trimble wrote an article for Flight Global discussing about how Russia is planning to add more variety in terms of scope for future transport dealing with the military, however much of the details are left to be unknown at this time. There is a state run news agency called TASS in which the Ilyushin chief executive Sergei Velmozhkin mentions that research and development will being next year for the transport. There will be a scheduled in service date of 2027 for the transport as well.

Vemozhkin says that the new aircraft will have the name “IL-106” which happened to be a name for a Ilyushin transport design that was back in the 1990s which was unfortunately canceled. This new aircraft is more specifically known as the prospective aviation complex for military transport.

Here is what Trimble mentioned about the prospective aviation complex for military transport aircraft.

“But many details about the PAK VTA are still unclear, including the crucial parameter of payload size. Vemozhkin says designers have proposed concepts with payloads ranging between 80-120t, which roughly brackets the airlift capability provided today by the 60t payload of the newly-delivered Il-76MD-90A and the 120t capacity of the Antonov An-124.”

To add to this, Vemozhkin elaborated more on the project beyond the official plans that were announced last year during the annual report from United Aircraft. United Aircraft is considered a a parent to the subsidiary Ilyushin. The military transport aircraft will be to replace the Ukrainian powerplants on the An-123 with the Kuznetsov NK-23Ds.

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