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Posted on September 16, 2019 James Hinds Aerospace Engine

An aircraft engine is a remarkably complex piece of machinery, with hundreds of moving parts that operate outside of the perception of the pilot’s senses. Most mechanical issues in an engine begin affecting the aircraft before they can be seen, heard, or felt. Fortunately, modern technological innovations have led to the creation of aircraft engine monitoring systems, arrays of sensors and digital computers that are designed to help the pilot gauge the health and status of their aircraft. These systems can determine what kinds of maintenance might be required for an aircraft’s engine, or help them determine if an engine is fit for operations. While typically used on commercial aircraft, they are popular for personal aircraft as well.

One major benefit of an engine monitoring system is that it allows the pilot to avoid costly repairs by catching a problem with the engine before it blossoms into something catastrophic. As with a car, small engine problems can be undetectable by human senses before something major occurs. A monitoring system, however, can pick up on these early warning signs, and dramatically increase the lifespan of an engine.          

Engine monitoring systems operate off of a set of small sensors placed within different regions of the aircraft’s engine, and are used to gather data on how the engine is functioning. This data includes measurements like temperature, vibration, fuel usage, and other metrics of an engine’s performance and health. The data these sensors gather is sent to the aircraft’s computer, and provides both real-time status updates throughout the aircraft’s flight, and analytics over time which can inform the pilot on when the time for repairs might be.

For example, the aviation sensors connected to the monitoring system will tell the pilot how much fuel is required to achieve a certain amount of power. The pilot later notices that this fuel intake is starting to increase over time, and are requiring more fuel to achieve their desired level of power than they used to. This data tells the pilot that their engine’s fuel efficiency is starting to decline, and they need to have maintenance performed to restore this efficiency.

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