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Canada Snowbird Team

The Associated Press released an article to The Washington Post on May 24th 2016 talking about the Canada Snowbird team is part of the Canadian Armed Forces that does aerobatics. They will be holding an event over the National Mall. The Canadian Armed Forces Snowbirds team will be using the Canadair CT-114 Tutor aircraft. There will be nine of these air-crafts that will partake in the event. In terms of directions, the air crafts will be making two east to west passes at an altitude of 1000 feet above the highest point at National Mall.

The purpose of this is to show and highlight peace between Canada and United States of America.

The Canadian Armed Forces team will also be at the Smithsonian Institution’s Udvar Hazy Center for visitors to have an up close look at the aircraft as well as the pilots. This will be held on the following Wednesday. The Smithsonian Institution’s Udvar Hazy Center is located very close by to the Washington Dulles International Airport.

The air-crafts are colored red blue and white.

The Canadian Air-force has been active since April 1st 1924. To this date, it will be 92 years and 1 month active. According to Wikipedia, this is their role:

"To generate and maintain combat capable, mulch-purpose, air forces to meet Canada's defence objectives."

There are over fourteen thousand regular force personnel, over two thousand reserve force, and over two thousand civilians. The roundel for the Canadian Air-force has revised five times throughout its existence. The headquarters for the Canadian Air-force is located in Ottawa Ontario at the National Defence Headquarters.


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