The Aviation Industry Working On Improving Their Hold On Cyber Security

Posted on May 20, 2016 James Hinds aerospace news

AvGeekNet Editor posted an entry in Aviation Geeks technology about how the aviation industry is planning to get a hold of cyber security. Senator Ed Market introduced a new type of Cyber security Standards in terms of aircrafts in April to improve Resilience Act. The Resilience Act is also known as the Cyber AIR act. This Cyber AIR act is being required by the Federal Aviation Administration or FAA. The FAA also requires that airlines to report all cyber-attacks to the government.

Even though cyber-attacks in terms of aircraft and aviation garner a significantly less amount of public attention as opposed to the Transportation Security Administration, this does not make cyber-attacks less important. Both are equality dangerous.

AvGeekNet Editor wrote about an incident a security researcher ran into.

“Last year, security researcher Chris Roberts was detained by FBI agents after tweeting about how easily he could hack a flight’s in-flight entertainment system. The incident seemed too many like the FBI and United Airlines were wildly overreacting to an ill-advised joke, but it did ultimately draw some attention to just how vulnerable aircraft computer systems actually are.”

AvGeekNet Editor continued more about the story on the security researcher.

“In order to investigate Roberts, the FBI filed an application for a search warrant detailing his attempts to compromise airplane networks, including an incident when he apparently managed to use his access to the in-flight entertainment system to force a plane to briefly change course and fly sideways.”

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