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Airbus Helicopters Finalizing Polish H225M Deal

Airbus Helicopters announced they believe a deal with Poland for 50 H225M rotor craft is imminent. This comes eighteen months after the Caracal was provisionally selected for the tri-service deal in which Warsaw selected the 11t type back in April of 2015. The change in government contributed to breakdown of negotiations but the deal has since been cleared by the national defence ministry. Airbus Helicopters is just now hashing out the details on its offset package with the Polish ministry of development.

Guillaume Faury laments how arduous and demanding the discussions have dragged out but the airframer’s chief executive believes that they are inching towards a positive resolution. Faury states,

”We are now in the final stage of these negotiations and I am of the opinion that we are coming close to a conclusion”.

And while the talks have been challenging with the ministry of defence requiring the manufacturer to meet additional expectations that are above the original tender, Faury believes that the hard work in the past few months have yielded compromises that have allowed Airbus to fulfill the vast majority of those expectations.

The offset language in this deal is what’s holding it up and as a part of that language Airbus had proposed setting up a production line in Lodz for Caracal. Faury has declined to comment on the offset language but guaranteed that a minimum of 50 Caracals would be producted in Lodz. While Airbus awaits a formal tender from Warsaw, the Polish land force continues to seek replacement of a fleet of Mil Mi-24s although nothing is in the works. Airbus is also proposing the Tiger helicopter for the replacement of the fleet and the offset package is expected to be similar to that offered for the H225M.

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