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Posted on February 26, 2019 James Hinds MRO

Downed planes are costly planes. Aircraft on ground (AOG) situations cost money to buy replacement parts, to pay mechanics and engineers, to pay for inspections, to pay for terminal usage while the plane is downed, etc.; and none of that money is being made if the plane can’t fly, costing even more money. So, it makes sense that the MRO business would be booming, standing to profit tremendously from saving airliners from AOG situations. And, it would make even more sense that the aviation MRO services & industry is currently embroiled in fierce competition to innovate and evolve.

MRO stands for Maintenance, Repair, and Overhaul. It’s all the aircraft maintenance related activities that are required to ensure safety and airworthiness of aircraft and the individual parts. MROs are the natural product of huge gaps in the aviation industry formed by a lack of interest in the aftermarket from OEMs, original equipment manufacturers. While aircraft maintenance is the key to keeping aircraft and aircraft parts reliable and up to airworthiness standards, aviation OEMs tend to focus only on the development and production of aircraft parts and components, and not on what happens to the aircraft once it has been assembled and sold. But it wasn’t long before the rest of the aviation industry realized the value of MROs and the importance of growing and innovating it.

In order to make aircraft maintenance more efficient, many MROs are jumping on the IoT bandwagon. IoT, the Internet of Things, is the concept of connecting everything so that they can interact and exchange data automatically. It’s a beneficial concept for MROs because the combination of Big Data and IoT-enabled sensors could improve and streamline Condition-Based Maintenance (CBM) and provide better insights to enhance operations, reduce delays, allow preventative maintenance, and identify necessary repairs before they become disastrous.

There are many different advancements to MRO software and technology. Rudimentary artificial intelligence gave rise to autopilot systems that learn overtime and help pilots fly more safely and efficiently; augmented reality allows technical experts from thousands of miles away to more effectively communicate instructions to onsite operators, bridging the gap caused by a shortage of available technicians; and wearables and robotics are leading the way with innovative solutions for timely repairs. But, the most effective innovation of all is customizable MRO software.

MRO software is the brain behind the MRO process; it streamlines compliance procedures, maintenance, safety, etc. By utilizing MRO software, MRO operators can track MRO history and aggregate data for analysis on how to better maintain and repair their aircraft. But, not just any MRO software will do. Configurability, scale and magnitude factors, end-to-end solutions, etc.; a customizable MRO software is usually the better option because it allows MRO operators to develop insights and ideas into new ways to service their customers’ aircraft more efficiently and effectively.

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