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How to Select and Maintain New and Used Tires

There is a library of resources on and offline on how to replace car tires, as well as how to maintain them, and what to look out for when selecting new tires. But when it comes to information on aircraft tires, there aren’t as many resources or information readily available. It’s doubly important to know how to maintain your aircraft tires because the process can be lengthy and far more expensive than replacing car tires. Read on below for more information on aircraft tire maintenance and selecting new tires. 

Selecting New Tires

It’s important to always consult your Pilot's Operating Handbook (POH) before selecting new tires because your handbook will let you know the specific requirements on tire size, tire pressure, brand and model recommendations and ply rating. Doing otherwise could mean could unintended consequences for your aircraft and result in even more aircraft maintenance work than before.

After selecting new tires and inflating them, keep a lookout for your tires after you inflate them, as they tend to expand for up to 12 hours after being inflated. As tire volume increases, pressure decreases so be vigilant over newly inflated aircraft tires and reinflate them to the required pressure. Additionally, newly inflated tires should not be used until they’ve been more than 12 hours after inflation and have with their tire pressure checked. If your tire pressure is not properly maintained, this could potentially affect your tires’ performance and life span. 

Maintaining Your Tires

In the same way that you have to be vigilant of tire pressure and inflation when selecting new tires, you also have to be aware of these factors when maintaining your current tires. A change in temperature influences your tire pressure so it’s vital to check them daily and before flights using tire pressure gauge.

Along with keeping tabs on tire pressure and inflation, your tires should also be clean and free of oil, dirt, grease, or other contaminating agents. To clean your aircraft tires, it’s best to use denatured alcohol before spraying it down with soap and water.

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February 26, 2019

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