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No Fly Zone : Anti Drone Technology over the EURO CUP 2016 to Protect Audience

The French take precautions over the 2016 Euro Cup hosting stadiums. Authorities are setting forth a plan to prevent air traffic and drone usage over the participating stadiums. The tournament will take place during June 10 and will last all the way to July 10. During those times the Chief security of the Euro Cup, Ziad Khoury has said that there will be an absolute “NO FLY ZONE “over those stadiums that will be participating and training during the course to the Cup.

"So no-fly zones will be defined over every training ground and every stadium, and in most stadiums and for most matches anti-drone measures, which are quite innovative, will be deployed, working with the state, which will interfere with drones and take control of them if they are spotted."

French authorities plan to use microwave technology to apprehend the transmitting of drone signals and other aircrafts. The numbers of people using drones for various reasons has sky rocked more than ever. Authorities are worried that drones might spill chemicals over the audience during the Cups matches.

With problems such as drones invading restricted areas, French Government have invested into a development of a technology that is able to restrict, jam and even destroy these drones.

Authorities have takin extreme measures to train and prepare by any means necessary. A previous training session to practice their tactics on spotting out drones and unwanted air items was last performed in Saint-Etienne, a city that will be hosting the Euro.

The UK chief of police is more than ready to take on such a task to protect and service by any means necessary. Also advises to come forth and give any information on pre meditated crimes planned at one of the participating stadiums.

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