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On Leased Aircraft and MROs

Just as automobile companies lease cars, aircraft companies lease commercial aircraft. There are over 10,000 leased aircraft throughout the world, with Asia being the most popular region in terms of leases. Since 2008, the number of leased aircraft has gone up more than 50%, especially in Asia. The number of re-deliveries has been steadily increasing, and so has the number of repairs that need to be completed.

For example, Singapore and Hong Kong have been major repair hubs and leasing centers for the Asian and Pacific region for the last few years. The MRO capabilities and the demand for parts to repair aircraft has grown immensely. But, other countries like Malaysia and Indonesia are also rapidly developing in the MRO sector, driving demand for replacement parts and aftermarket spares as well.

Leasing companies and repair stations have a close relationship. Leasing companies need to consider the entire life cycle of the aircraft because they oversee operations and repairs for the aircraft’s entire lifetime. The more frequent routine maintenance a leased aircraft has, the better. Leased aircraft also do not allow for modifications to ensure that the aircraft remains in pristine condition for its entire life cycle. All aircraft that are leased must still comply with EASA and/or FAA standards, even during a transition period. This means that all proper documentation on the aircraft itself and the repairs must be kept up-to-date. All leasing contracts must be shared with MROs to confirm that no illegal modifications are being made to an aircraft, and to confirm that all proper documentation is provided.

Despite the strict regulations governing aviation, the end of a lease remains the biggest challenge for operators. Most internal cabin parts will need to be replaced by the end of the lease, but these parts have long lead times and are sometimes very hard to find. Therefore, leasing companies usually require leasers to give an eighteen-month notice before the end of a lease.

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