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Airport Security Takes it to Another Level with its Latest Real Time Chemical Innovation (MIRPHAB)

In recent news, a group of European scientist join in research to create a better way to enhance airport security.  The project is known as the MIRPHAB, or ‘Mid-Infrared photonics devices fabrication for chemical sensing and spectroscopic applications and is being instructed by a French CEA- Leti Administration. They have created a hand held chemical spectroscopic sensor with the ability of instant detection of gases from within a 30m distance. The device is designed with photonics technology and a mid IR sensor which uses spectroscopic sensors that read certain gas that given off when gases are interacted with light.

This device will better the detection rate of one every few seconds being at least 6 times faster than the traditional airport portal scanners. Due to the eagerness of the latest innovation, the CEA is receiving funds from the “Commission's Photonics Public Private Partnership under the Horizon 2020 program, and €2m from the Swiss Government.” Per Jose Pozo the director of technology and innovation at the European Photonics Industry Consortium he states that “The device can also detect diseases, scan for bacteria in fridges and detect the presence of alcohol.” Also, adding that there has been speculation of adding one of these devices in front of airports to help with climate change and monitor emission controls.

Soon to be commercialized and released into the airport industry to better the safety of all and better apprehend criminals in a timelier fashion. Insuring words by the project coordinator Sergio Nicoletti he states that as a team,” we are making the next generation of sensors that are compact, low cost, low on power consumption and capable of real-time detection where the speed and sensibility is unrivalled.”

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