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Siemens and Airbus 1st Successful Step Towards Hybrid-Electric Propulsion Systems

The Test Flight: Siemens AG, the German engineering company has teamed up with Airbus in an effort to research and eventually build a working hybrid-electric aircraft.Earlier this April, Siemens had announced its plan to fly one of its aircrafts using its new 260kw electric motor.Three months later, the firm was able to successfully fly the aircraft using the Siemens electric motor. The 2,200 pound Extra 300LE aircraft only flew for thirty minutes and a short distance from the Schwarze Haide Airport.

Nevertheless, it has given both Airbus and Siemens a confirmation that the possibility of a hybrid electric aircraft is not out of reach. Companies that worked on the development of the Extra 330LE include Siemens, Extra Aircraft, MT-Propeller and Pipistrel.

The goal proposed by Siemens and Airbus is to lead the manufacturing industry to develop airplanes and airliners with hybrid electric propulsion systems. Once they reach success, both firms think the innovative aircrafts are a solid business move, and a step forward in what they call “the electrification of aviation.” Getting to their goal will not be easy. Those working on the project believe they need out of the box ideas, and a lot of nerve to carry out even the most disruptive of suggestions.

As of right now, the research team is hoping to soon have a hybrid-electric aircraft with enough room for four or five seats. According to Frank Anton, the head of the central research unit, by 2030, Siemens is expecting a full one hundred passenger jet that can fly at a range of 1,000 kilometers.


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