Solving the Production/Service Cycle Problem

Posted on July 29, 2016 James Hinds aerospace news

The Great Elephant in the room in regards to aerospace and defense industries has long been the issues with short production cycles contrasted by long service cycles. The issue doesn’t come from manufacturing the parts needed for new missions or critical programs as that can be expedited to meet the deadline set forth. The real issues stems from trying to source these parts ten or twenty years down the road when they are obsolete but many legacy programs are still utilizing the components. The three most exasperating challenges that this presents to most aerospace and defense supply chains are as follows.

First off, procurement. It is hard to successfully acquire the product due to obsolescence or due to the high level of counterfeit threat for electronic components. Aerospace and defense companies have to maintain a delicate balance of inventory and more often than desired, will either not have enough inventory or too much. Distributors have to maintain a vast inventory, have the right connections and intimate knowledge of the market in order to adequately address procurement issues. The second challenge comes in the form of trace ability and compliance. Distributors need to avoid methods and procedures that will bottleneck operations and place constraints on the ability to supply their product. This means having a clear and concise strategy as far as a plan of distribution and being in complete compliance with all regulatory laws and policies.

Finally forecasting, which takes into account the demand for a product both in both the short and long term period. Not taking into account the inevitable obsolescence of a product will add stress to a supply chain and make it difficult for the supply chain to effectively and efficiently provide the end user with product support resulting in instability and inconsistency. These 3 challenges are all aimed at addressing the most critical issue within the production/service cycle problem which is inventory management. Effective inventory management will protect a supply chain from the inevitable collapse due to barriers such as Diminishing Manufacturing Sources and Material Shortages, obsolescence, and counterfeiting of electronic components. A successful supply chain will be able to effectively manage their inventory while having the foresight to develop a plan for issues down the road.

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