Supersonic Aircraft Promises To Shatter Travel Times

Posted on February 10, 2016 James Hinds aerospace news

A concept aircraft called the Antipode trying to change the way people travel forever, as developers are promising an eleven-minute flight from New York to London.

The superfast aircraft would feel like taking a ride into hyperspace, with rocket boosters on each wing that would launch it into the sky. From there, it would climb to an elevation of 40,000 feet at Mach 5 speed. If that’s not fast enough for you, the supersonic engines will kick in once at cruising altitude, bring it to a speed of Mach 24. For those playing at home, that would be 12,427 miles per hour - roughly twenty-three times faster than a Boeing 737.

The jet would hold approximately ten people, and run on liquid oxygen or kerosene rockets. A neat feature of the aircraft involves its acceleration boosters - once the Anitpode is at altitude, they break off and fly back to the air base by themselves.

Travel times (or lack thereof) for the jet is staggering. Almost any destination on the planet is within reach in under an hour. New York to China would take twenty-four minutes. New York to Australia would take just over half an hour. You can’t even finish one episode of your favorite show if you are aboard this plane.

Charles Bombardier is the designer behind the aircraft, teamed up with Abhisnek Roy of Lunatic Kocepts. This unhinged aircraft could reach extreme temperatures, but through a technique called long penetration mode the threat could be neutralized.

The name of the aircraft stems from Bombardier’s desire to get to the exact opposite side of the world, which can be referred to as the antipode.

“I wanted to create an aircraft concept capable of reaching its antipode — or diametrical opposite — as fast as possible,” he told Forbes.

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