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Airbus is Beating Boeing in Aircraft Orders and Now Has $1 Trillion Worth of Jets on Order

Airbus and Boeing have been in a production competition for all of 2015. Airbus had over 1,000 more airplane orders than Boeing, however Boeing had made and delivered more airplanes. Airbus now has control over 55% of the market with the orders customers have placed. In 2015 there were exactly 1,036 orders which netted over $1 trillion worth of jets. In doing so also secures Airbus production for a decade. Airbus was able to outsell its competitor, the Boeing 737 max, with its A320neo family fleet of planes. This plane is considered to be more fuel efficient than the Boeing 737 max. The first A320neo will be delivered this month in January with over 800 more on order. The A320neo is the dominant plane for those in the smaller short-haul aircrafts market.

While Airbus may have taken a dominant position in the smaller short-haul aircraft market, Boeing has moved into the dominant position for wide body planes. In 2015, Boeing delivered over 700 planes which yielded a revenue of $125 billion whereas Airbus’ wide body plane, the 635 aircraft, yielding earnings of over $90 billion. After the short boom, both Boeing and Airbus have seen a dramatic drop in orders in the past year. John Leahy, Airbus’ sales boss and chief operating officer, said that there has been an increase in aircraft leasing. At one point in time, Airbus was worried about its A380 model which is not competitive with Boeings plane however Airbus was able to break even financially last year. Airbus was able to deliver 27 of the A380s and also delivered an additional three more to an unnamed global airline.

Last year, Airbus was able to deliver a total of 635 planes: 14 being the A350, 103 being the A330, and 491 being the A320.

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