JetBlue Unveils Cabin Overhaul for Airbus A320s

Posted on February 4, 2016 James Hinds Airbus Aircraft

USA TODAY released an article on Tuesday January 26th, 2016 stating that JetBlue announced on Monday stock that the company is ready to overhaul the Airbus 320s jet’s cabins. The JetBlue carrier has been patiently awaiting a new overhaul of all of its Airbus 320s. JetBlue has over 100 Airbus 320 jets that need a total redesign. Along with the Airbus 320s, JetBlue has added some Embraer E190s as well as Airbus 321s. The Embraer E190s were added in 2005 and the Airbus 321s were added in 2013.

With this overhaul, all the Airbus 320 jets will include a USB port and a power outlet in every seat. Not only this but JetBlue has also added high definition television screens and speed internet.Jamie Perry, the vice president of brand and product development for JetBlue talks about the experience that the company will provide.

“We launched JetBlue with a customer-focused experience that no one expected from an airline.” Perry also goes into depth about his statement. “Travel preferences have changed in the last 15 years, and we’re investing in what customers want today. Our new cabin, combined with our award-winning customer service, is a powerful way for us to once again challenge the status quo.”

Although these are benefits that the benefits that the overhaul will consist of, there are a few downsides. According to Bloomberg News, the A320s will downsize the amount of seats. It will go from 162 to 150 seats. In doing so will yield 32 inches of seating pitch.JetBlue has gotten great reviews from the A321 aircraft and wants to make the A320 similar in terms of the interior.

“What we have seen is that the A321 aircraft is about 10% higher [in customer ratings] than the A320,” says Perry.

Airbus was founded in 1970 as Airbus Industries and was renamed to Airbus SAS in 2001.

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