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Posted on April 21, 2016 James Hinds Airbus Aircraft

Aircraft Propeller Service, LLC, one of the world’s leading commercial airplane propeller Maintenance Repair Organizations (MROs), has recently created a state of the art component for MRO knowledge and training: the Prop U. This new training resource is anticipated to launch in the fall of 2016.

“We saw a real need to help our customers and the broader marketplace reduce their scrap rates and extend the life of their components through greater knowledge and training,” said the Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Aircraft Propeller Service, Dennis Santare. “That is the single mission of Prop U.”

Santare suggested that although OEMs provide training, MROs typically do not put high priority on customer training. For many years, Aircraft Propeller Service has been offering customer training. With their Prop U, the company will now be offering a more formal curriculum. The Prop U courses will cover topics such as propeller assembly and dis-assembly, corrosion prevention, light repair, shipping and handling procedures, as well as various other relevant topics.

“We’re unique as an MRO in that we train our customers to do a lot of the service work that we get paid for. We believe that customers are most satisfied when they are getting the most life out of their propellers,” Santare said.

“We also believe that well-maintained propellers will, in the long run, provide the most value to our own operations in two ways.  First, we are a repair shop and do not like to see valuable components scrap out because of preventable damage.  Second, rather than spending time and money fixing preventable damage, we like to focus on major inspections and the repair tasks that only we can perform as a licensed repair station.  This reduces the overall dollar value of each overhaul, but improves our throughput and increases our repair volume.  It’s a real win-win for us and our customers.”

Aircraft Propeller Service will continue to offer on-site customer training and support and will also provide its in-house training tools, which will include component cutaways as well as mock propeller assemblies.

“Prop U will also serve as a focal point for research, knowledge sharing, and best practice development as we continue to learn from the OEMs, our customers, and our regulatory agencies,” Ded Santare.

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