Airbus Helicopters Flies Second H160 Prototype

Posted on February 8, 2016 James Hinds Airbus Aircraft

Airbus Helicopters just recently flown their H160 medium class prototype. This is considered their second prototype to be flown. Although this is the second prototype, this is considered the first H160 rotorcraft to include a Turbomeca Arrano engine. This engine has way over 1000 shp or (750 kW). According to its initial flight-test article, the Airbus H160 rotorcraft has gained over 70h by the tail end of 2015. The rotorcraft began flying during the early summer of 2015. The helicopter has a speed of over 170kt or over 300 km/h.

Bernard Fujarski, who is head of the program, talks about Airbus Helicopters and the H160.

“After a very busy year [in] 2015, in terms of flight activities, introducing PT2 is an important step in the H160’s development as we will launch performance testing with the Turbomeca Arrano engines.”

The third prototype is planning to be in flight sometime this year in 2016. This third prototype for the H160 will be used as a certification effort so long that there is approval from EASA with service due in 2018. Even with all the business that Airbus Helicopters has to work on with the H160 medium class prototype this year, there are other things that Airbus has to deal with. Airbus plans on having orders for the 5.5-6t helicopter sometime this year. Along with this, they also plan on having an all-new automated final assembly line during the second half of the year.

According to Turbomeca engine manufacturer, there are over 10 more Arrano test engines that are running at the France facility since February 2014 when Turbomeca first did a ground run. The company has trials that validate claims of fuel consumption that is 10-15% lower than engines of the same caliber. Airbus Helicopters was founded in 1992.

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