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Maintenance, Repair and Operations Risks Reduced with Safety Cable System

Bergen Cable Technology offers a set of safety cables to help streamline ordinary tedious MRO (Maintenance, Repair and Operations).  These cables are designed to cut down on time, waste, and effort.  The Bergen safety cables are better alternatives to normal wire cables that branch out when cut off the rest of the roll which decreases the rick of FOD (foreign object damage.) Examinations have been ran using these safety cables and have proven to reduce 50 percent of installation time assuring quality ability to lock wire safety and efficiently.

Not Only does the Bergen Safety Cable system increase production, it reduces the water usage during MRO. Reduce FOD by all means possible by using the safety cables to easily compete simple repairs with less debris by only creating two pieces of trash and no twisting of wire involved.” Estimates from National Aerospace FOD Prevention Inc. (NAFPI) suggest the global airline industry incurs $4 billion in costs from debris damage and delays caused by FOD.”  These latest cables will create easier work and change the game in the MRO community. “The benefits of switching from traditional lock wire to the Bergen Safety Cable System are numerous and we look forward to communicating our message to the MRO community.” said Peter Bartholomew, General Manager of Bergen Cable Technology, LLC.

Bergen has quite a history of providing the aerospace industry of custom cables, fastener retention, and control cables since 1942. Beginning with simple pieces such as land yards to flight control cables. Bergen is quite a big voice in the cable industry which makes them a top competitor in the cable industry worldwide. For more information on Cables, Cable Connectors and accessories please feel free to visit our website at www.asap-amspares.com with instant RFQs 24/7, 365 or call us at +1-714-705-4780 to be able to assist you A S A P.


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