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Posted on October 25, 2016 James Hinds aerospace news

The Departure Clearance air traffic control tower services is up to speed by the FAA, the goal is to have it running in fifty-six airports before 2016 ends. Washington Dulles International Airport located in Virginia has accomplished using the structure created by the FAA. There was even a presentation of the works, featuring a UPS Boeing 767. The reasoning for this system is to ensure flight clearances, instructions, traffic management, and flight crew requests and reports. FAA also has three other systems airspace systems to ensure safety in the time of flight. Text message is being used as a main stream of communications between flight management systems and ground automation systems. The great thing about using text messages to communicate are to eliminate the crowding on the radio systems.

The well-known Controller to Pilot Data Link Communications has been used by oceanic avionics for a long time and the main priority now is for FAA to get it working through domestic aerospace as well. The most outstanding progression of this system is the amount of money being saved which is ten billion dollars through-out thirty years. As for FAA, they are going to save around one billion dollars for all future preforming charges. Another considerable note, is that the use of text message will help refrain from errors when retrieving a message, as signal can get disrupted and fuzzy when speaking the message.

The Data Communication system works somewhat like this: The pilot will secure a spacecraft suitable to work with data communications and it will channel a connection with the airport tower, next a plan for the flight will be established and sent to the pilot and the pilot will accept or deny. By 2019, the Data Communications should be available for every pilot, allowing a more sufficient way of communication, even for more extreme agendas.

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